Mess Free Eating 一人で上手に食べれる

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

もうすぐ二歳の息子は上手に一人で食べれます。それはaeruのおかげだと思います。 私達は和が好き。それを知ってるいとこが心込めて探してくれたのがaeru。ベビーが産まれたお祝いにくれた食器。愛用してます。こぼさず1人で上手に食べて飲める。職人さんが一生懸命作ってくれた。大切に使ってます。食べるとこ撮ってると食べるのとまっちゃったので写真だけ。 生後六か月から使ってたので今は、上手にこぼさず食べれます。日本に遊びに行きたいな。行った時にはaeruの15cmの平皿欲しいな。#aeru #aerumeguro #aerugojo #アメリカンライフ #アメリカ #フィラデルフィア


Our toddler (almost 2) is a very clean eater which surprises everyone. We think it's because we have been using aeru products since he was 6 months old.

My husband and I love artisan products. My cousin, knowing that we are conscious of where and how things are made, gifted us with aeru products as our child's birth gift. Each product is handmade by an artisan.

BOWLS: The bowls are made of wood or clay and designed with a lip that helps littles scoop against the bowl without spilling. The bowl comes in 3 sizes (11 cm, 13 cm, 15 cm). We were gifted the 11 cm and 13 cm. We hope to purchase the 15 cm when we visit Japan in the upcoming year. I tried taking a video of him eating and it was a feat! He kept wanting to "see himself" in the video and would stop eating. I'm going to try sneaky taping at some point so you can see for yourself. You can see a youtube clip ( of how they're made.

CUPS: The cups are made of clay and designed so that little hands can easily hold the cup. Visit OAKS61 on Instagram ( to see a video of the cup being used. You can also see a youtube clip ( of how they're made.

PROS: Child will not spill food. Less clean up for you! They learn to eat on their own early. They are stackable and save storage space. Once your child grows out of them, they can still be used as regular serving dishes or bowls. They can be brought back to the store to be repaired if they need some TLC.

CONS: Their website is not in English. You'll need to go to Japan or have someone you know ship it to you.

Maybe if there's enough of us in the states who want to purchase these, they'll start selling them here!

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