Indoor Play Space 居間が遊び場

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

今年の冬はとても寒かったので外で毎日遊ぶのは無理。でもエネルギーを使わせないと昼寝も夜もサッと寝てくれない。なので居間を遊び場にした。アパートの床にはワックスが塗ってていつもステンころりんしてた子供。なので厚いマットを探し、色々と工夫して使える家具をみつけた。それがCreamHausとNuggetComfort。色もちょうどあって良かったと思ってる。大人がソファー代わりに使うのにもちょうどいいし、突然来たお客さんにも使ってもらえる布団あるいはベッド。アパート住まいの方にお勧めです。マットもソファーもたためるので、邪魔でどかしたいと言うときにも便利。マットは濡れたタオルでふけるし、ソファーのカバーは簡単に洗濯できます。質問がある方は気楽にInstagramの方でメッセージしてください。ユーザー名はOAKS61です。#遊び場 #子供 #アパート #居間 #家具 #楽しい #子供用 #アメリカ

Did anyone else find it very cold this past winter? I didn't mind it but our growing toddler (at the start of the winter was barely one and a half) needed a place to expend his ever-increasing energy. We started noticing that some caretakers were not being mindful of others and allowing their very ill child(ren) to play or to visit public spaces. After couple of fevers and stuffy noses that our little received from those said kids, we decided that we needed a safe, clean place for play dates and get-all-your-energy-out before-bed play.

After some research, I found CreamHaus. It was exactly what I wanted.

PROS: Thick (1.6 inches), perfect color palette (colors I like in light blue, white, grey but they also have pink), non-toxic (free of PVC, BPA, phthaltaes, etc.) easy to clean (wipe down, vacuum) and easy to move (they fold!). Living in a 685 sq. ft. one bedroom apartment, your living room needs to be able to convert last minute from 90% play area + 10% dining area to 80% dining room area for 20 guests + 20% play area. They fold well so we could tuck them into the corners of our bedroom when we hosted large gatherings yet still keep one out for the littles to play. We placed some against the wall (modular mat) as well as the floor (folding mats). Our foldable mats are 51 in. x 102 in. size in grey and white. The modular mat is blue with one size being 25.6 in. x 25.6 in.

CONS: We originally purchased the modular mats because our apartment is an odd shape but found that they move around quite a bit because they're light and can be velcro-ed to each other but not to the larger foldable pieces. Therefore, we decided to make them wall padding and bought another folding mat. They're a little weightier due to length, so they don't slide around as much.

The color palette was perfect and went well with another great find - the nuggetcomfort.

The nuggetcomfort can be a crawl space, fort, store front, castle as seen above. We've also made them ball ramps, slides, tunnels, lounger, toddler nap bed, etc. (I'll post more photos on instagram as we continue to make them). We bought two sets of the koala color when they came out with new colors last year. We couldn't be happier. Our growing toddler expends a lot of energy running through mazes that his dada puts together. It's been a great daddy-son activity as they create something different together each day. The only con might be the static it produces in the winter but what kid doesn't have fun trying to zap you with static?

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