table fellowship

gather. celebrate. walk together.

what is table fellowship?

It's a time of gathering around the table--where we share meals and conversations, but it's more than that. It's a home that I can walk into anytime--the door is always open. It's a community that I can faithfully rely on.​ (Haeji)


It's about mirroring the biblical image of gathering together to break bread and praise God while sharing our joys and struggles. Alongside the study of a book or theme in the Word of God, this practice of coming together to enjoy sustenance through and with each other has shown me what building each other up in honesty and love means. I love the depth of conversation and discussion we have, which encourages me to dig deeper into what I believe and how I live that our as an individual and part of a community. (Cyndi)

Table fellowship is such a special, biblical way of communing together with our family in Christ because we mirror how Jesus did fellowship, Himself. Jesus' ministry with His disciples looked like sharing life together by eating around a table and sharing about how God was moving or teaching about important biblical principles. In the same way, Oaks Table Fellowship meets to be a true family in Christ: we eat together, share the wonderful things God is doing, support and encourage each other through our struggles, dig into the Word of God and learn from each other, pray together, take communion together, and worship together. It's so much more than a small group or bible study because we encompass every aspect of a relationship with Jesus and have no limits to what we can share. Jesus walked with His disciples and lived communally, sharing His entire life with them, and table fellowship is one way we see Him do that. This is what Oaks Fellowship does every week so we can all grow together as a family. (Cynthia)